The last of the lettuce

Here is a nice picture showing what is left of my last 4X4 box.  I will pull the carrots soon, and the lettuce will probably all be pulled in a week.  This Prizehead lettuce is one of our favorites.  It can grow right through the heat of the summer with protection, and it is easy to grow in the spring and fall.  The prices for lettuce in the stores right now is high, and will get higher as the winter approaches.  I’m sure I could grow salad greens all winter if I had to because I have already done it.  This method of gardening really provides you with the assurance of being self-sufficient.  I have an ebook that I have written and in it I did take some time to talk about the cost-savings of food being produced in your own garden.  Being toward the end of the season, my posts will probably be fairly light for the next little while.  My blog is new-I should have started it months ago, but never got around to it.  Besides that, it is hard for me to learn.  As you can see, its still a work in progress but it’s starting to take some shape.  This past week I have received some different things from Mel Bartholomew for a trial that I will be posting about soon.  It all looks pretty fun.  One of the things I received was a special new grow light for a square foot garden.  Its Mel’s thought that we need to take our gardens indoors for the fall and winter months!  It sure sounds like a good idea, but I don’t know where I’m going to put a SFG in our home.  Besides, I don’t know about you, but I need a break for a few months from gardening.  I have received a few other things that I will talk about later…..

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