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Got leeks?

This is gardening site but the taste of some of the things coming out of the garden just can’t be matched anywhere! This potato leek soup was our dinner tonight, along with fresh harvested corn and toasted baguettes. You can buy all of the things you need to make this at any grocery store, but [Continue]


In this gardening system you can plant 9 leeks in a square. If you were to grow this in a traditional row garden it would take up 3 feet. So many advantages with the SFG method. These are Lexton leeks and the white stems will be about 8″ tall-all done without the “hill” technique. More [Continue]

Thinking ahead

It’s hard to believe but fall isn’t too far away. Right now is the time to start a few things indoors that you’ll transplant to your garden in 6 weeks. For me, that’s brussel sprouts and leeks. Be sure to look at the maturation dates for leeks-I’ve got 3 varieties that all have harvest dates [Continue]