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You can win a free copy of my ebook if you can identify the ninja secret in one of these squares.  The only dis-qualifier is if you’ve attended one of my workshops where we’ve discussed this, along with many other “ninja” secrets of the square foot garden.  You will have to know the system to find it though.  The first one who gets it right will receive my ebook.  I will provide the answer as soon as a winner is named.  It’s a tricky one!  By the way, if you haven’t read my ebook, I think you’re missing out.  You can read more about it on this site, or you can read the review by the inventor of the square foot garden-Mel Bartholomew himself.  You can read it here.  There’s all kinds of nifty things in it that will augment your skills in the SFG system.  It’s also great for instructors because these are the questions you’re going to hear when you’re teaching.  Right now in my garden, I’m making sure there are fewer and fewer empty squares.  You have to time things out a little bit.  Making sure you have lettuce when all those tomatoes are ripe is a trick in itself.  Anybody can grow lettuce in the spring when it’s cool, but it’s more difficult in the hotter weather.  It takes more work, but you’ll be glad you did.  I had a friend of mine who recently told me that  their lettuce grew very well last year, but it ended up tasting bitter.  When I asked a few more question, I think the answer to her dilemma was that she needed to cover her lettuce.  After your seeds have sprouted and then begin to grow, the best thing you can do is to shade your lettuce.  If you don’t it will continue to grow and you may even have a nicely formed head of lettuce-of whatever variety.  But the sun will beat down on that and ruin the taste.  By covering your lettuce, you’ll have some of the tastiest salad greens around.  If you’ve planted spinach in the spring, it’s time to replant those squares with something else.  Carrots, beets, onions, herbs, bush beans, or flowers, etc.  Be sure to amend your newly planted square with several trowels full of compost and your ready to go.  If you’re thinking of flowers, keep nice looking ones in mind that can also be used in salads.  The first flower that comes to mind for that is nasturtium.  Maybe you want a scented flower?  You decide what you like but I’ve got nicotiana and angels trumpet in mine.  The smell of those two are fantastic later in the summer.  You’ll have to buy transplants at this stage though-unless you’re in a climate where you have a much longer season than we have here in the mountain west.

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