Seedling tray as of January 30

seedling trayIt’s been so cold out here! With temperatures in the mid teens and low 20’s, it’s not safe to put these seedlings in the garden-even with protection where you have no heat. You’ve seen my unheated low tunnels that are perfect for protection when temps get down to the upper 20’s, but that’s about the extent of it. This upcoming fall/winter I’ll be doing something a little different that will hopefully allow me to harvest throughout the entire winter. I can’t do it now because the plants must have been up and growing before the first frost. I’ve got 4 trays just like this under a normal shop light in our basement. I think I’ll be able to put them into the garden within the next 7 days. And that’s good because they’re starting to get a little leggy, but they’ll be fine. A few folks have asked me if the potmaker cups can take on water. These have been watered every day-a few times with a pretty good dousing for almost 3 weeks. But you can see they hold up perfectly-at least for the 4-5 weeks until they need to go into the gardens. I’ll have 144 plants that will be ready for planting very soon. With the exception of two greenhouse tomato plants(Sakura from Johnny’s)everything else are cold-tolerate crops. Some of them are things I’ve never grown that my handful of customers will hopefully enjoy. In my next post I’ll show you how easy it is to build a square foot garden box, and how to do it free. Spring isn’t too far away and I’m planning on a very small crop of items to be ready by April 15th. This should be a lot of fun. With a square foot garden you have so much less work that you never seem to get your fill when it all ends in the fall.

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