Now that you harvested a lot of squares, what’s next?

No doubt you’ve already had a pretty good harvest from the spring season.  And right now you’re probably emptying out squares from that harvest.  All those early spring squares will now be empty and ready to be re-planted.  But just think, a lot of the nutrients that were in the soil to begin with during the spring season have been depleted a bit.  Now it’s time to replant that square with something entirely different.  If you end up putting the same kind of item in that square, it may work.  But chances are also good that it may not work because all those critters that loved what was in that particular square will now be very happy with you.  By planting the same thing you’ve made it easy for them to find their food.  Make them work for it.  Plant something different in those squares.  Before you do, you’ll need to amend your soil with some new fertilizer.  I’m speaking about compost that you’ve been making over the last several weeks.  All you need to do is add enough trowels(1 of the 3 tools you’ll ever need in a square foot garden) full of compost until you’ve replenished the overall volume-to the very top of the square.  Then just mix it all in and you’re ready to replant.  By doing this in the spring, summer, and later in the fall, you’ll be able to amend your growing soil perfectly throughout the course of the year.  That’s how simple it is.  I’ve got some newly uploaded pictures of a compost operation that I’ve been doing this year.  I’ve tried to show-in pictures-how simple it is to make your own compost.  You’ll find them in the photo gallery on the main page.  I hope it helps those who are wanting to make their own compost but feel a little intimidated by the thought of it.

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