My first square foot gardening mistake this year….

is this.  I hope I can explain it clearly.  This is a portion of my 2X16′ bed thats been covered with 6-mil plastic in preparaton for heating up the soil.  As you can see from this picture the plastic can’t cover the last 4′ of my box completely.  The reason-and this is the mistake-is that I put my tomato tower in the wrong place.  This was used last year to grow sugar snap peas.  It will be used again for them in the next few days.  My mistake was that I put the tower to much in the center of these squares instead of the back of the box.  Things grew great on the tower last year but because I didn’t move the tower toward the back of the box, now when I cover it with plastic I can’t cover it entirely.  The tower is in the way.  It’s an easy enough fix though.  As soon as the soil heats up I will pull off the tower, remove the 2 pieces of rebar which reinforce the tower and then move everything back to the edge of the box.  I will then be able to completely enclose my 2X16′ square foot garden.  I hope you can see the advantages with limiting the size of your garden.  In a traditional single row garden you couldn’t do this.  First, your soil is nowhere near being ready.  You’re neighbors are at least 2 months away from rototilling their garden area.  Second, how do can you protect those kinds of gardens?  Maybe there’s a way but it’s got to be a huge thing to figure out.  There’s lots of huge things about traditional single row gardens…including the huge amount of time you spend pulling weeds while us SFGers are out enjoying and harvesting our organic veggies and produce….

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