June carrots-delicious

june carrotsPulled a head of black seeded simpson lettuce and chard tonight along with some new carrots.  I grow 4 varieties of carrots-one that’s a smaller-sized carrot for early in the season, another that’s the size of these carrots shown in the picture, and then two that are larger, storage type of carrots.  For the early crop this year I grew minicor-which were really good.  They came up in about 55 days.  The picture shows Napoli-and they are really good.  In other places I’ve got Mokum and Scarlet Nantes-both excellent tasting varieties that will be ready in the fall.  There’s something about carrots right out of the ground-it almost ruins buying carrots at the store-at any time of the year.  One square will give you 16 carrots….unless, of course, you know the ninja secret for them….

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