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Growing zucchini vertically


vertical zucchini 071013We all love zucchini. If we let it, it would become a huge plant that takes up a lot of space. Though this is a vine variety(black beauty)I train my up to grow vertically. I’ve been doing this for years and the greatest part is that it takes up only 1 square foot. Last I counted, I’ve got 3 black beauty plants growing-one right next to a different kind of squash. I might have made a mistake on that one, we’ll have to wait and see. We’ve been able to harvest about half a dozen zucchini’s so far and it’s just now starting to really produce. I think they taste better when they are smaller so I pull mine when they are about 8 inches long. If you look close enough you’ll be able to see a zucchini sticking straight up in the air. This particular plant is growing up on a green t-post, but other squashes and zucchini are growing up on all kinds of things-from electrical conduit to PVC. It all works…

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Author: Jim

I'm a certified square foot gardening instructor that enjoys teaching others how to grow their own great, healthy, organic food. I also enjoy cooking, biking, playing my guitar, reading, and card magic.


  1. Do you have a far away picture of this along with tips on how to do it? This is my 2nd year doing square foot gardening in a raised bed and last year my zucchini and summer squash practically took over the garden covering 3-4 sq ft each! Please help me tame these wild (but delicious) beasts!

    • I think there is one in my photo gallery, isn’t there? Why do you want a far away picture instead of a close up picture? I can tell you from first hand experience and after doing it for over a decade, you can definitely plant zucchini in 1 square. You’ll need a green t-post that costs about $4. You’ll then need some velcro to tie it up to the t-post. About every 8″ you’ll use the velcro to fasten the stem to the t-post. They only get to be about 4′ tall. It works perfectly. I’ll plant 2 zucchini plants but will off-set them. My first one goes in right about now, and then I’ll start another one in about 4 weeks. That way when the 1st one starts to slow down I’ve got another one almost ready to go like crazy.

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