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The weather is changing.  Sunlight is around a lot longer than it used to be and the danger of frost is quickly disappearing.  Hopefully you’ve been able to plant a spring garden full of radishes, different variety of lettuces, and spinach.  With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s time to start thinking about your summer garden.  Everything else should be added to the garden now.  Tomatoes, carrots, beets, beans, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, and melons being among them.  Don’t forget the rotation of fruit/root/leaf.  You will have the perfect rotation of crops if you remember this.  I have 8 squares along the back edge of one of my garden boxes that are now filled with lettuce-a leaf crop.  They will be coming out and I will follow that with either a root crop(onions,carrots, beets, etc.)or a fruit crop(beans, squash, melons, cucumber, peppers, etc.)  My plan is to put in 8 tomato plants where the lettuce used to be.  I will plant more tomatoes, but this gives you an idea of the automatic crop rotation in a square foot garden.  I planted 4 squares of corn(16 plants)10 days ago.  I planted another 4 squares of corn 5 days ago.  I’ll continue to plant corn every 5 days until I eventually fill my entire 4X4′ box.  And I’ll get a minimum of 64 ears of corn.  By the way, this year I’m trying Spring Treat for the first time.  It comes up quicker than a lot of other varieties and it’s a little more cold tolerant.  The picture showing in this post is what will be going into the garden this week.  You’ll remember what these looked like from a previous post when they were just filled with soil.  This Pot Maker thing-it’s great.  In the next post I will be addressing how to harden-off those plants you’ve been working on and taking care of these past several weeks.  You’ll want to know about this-you shouldn’t just put  your new plants outside in your garden.  They’ve been in an environment of controlled temperatures, no exposure to wind, sun, rain, etc.  That all changes when you put them out in the garden and we’ll talk about that next time….

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