We have a winner

Congratulations goes out to our friend John who knew the right answer.  You had to know the spacing of the SFG system to get it right though.  We had lots of participants and some pretty good answers-some things that I’ve never even thought of or heard before!  I’ll have some more ninja-type contests in the future to keep things fun and interesting.  Looking for a great tasting lettuce?  Here’s one for you.  It’s called Barbados which I bought from Johnny’s.  It’s got great flavor and it’s got a lot of “crunch.”  Sometimes the loose leaf lettuce gets a little soft so you need to spice it up with some crunchy textured greens.  Even though it’s beginning to approach the hottest time of year you should still be planting and growing lettuce. You’ll have to cover it and water it a little more, but the result is certainly worth it.  So far this year I think I’ve harvested over 100 heads of lettuce.  The trick is keeping it going for the next 8 weeks when everything in the garden starts to produce.  For more on how to protect from the heat see some of the previous posts I’ve put up.  The other trick is how to properly store lettuce.  How many times have you harvested lettuce from your garden only to have it last in the refrigerator for a couple of days before it turns brown and mushy?  Now, that’s discouraging.  All that work and you don’t even get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  There are some tricks to this and if you’re interested in learning how to do it, you really ought to consider my ebook.  Besides addressing the 2 most common problems that get in the way of a successful square foot garden, you’ll learn all kinds of tips and tricks.  There’s things in there like homemade remedies for pests, a few great recipes using garden items, composting, etc.  It’s 60+ pages long and it’s a great deal.  And by the way, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all those who have purchased the ebook.  It’s been a fun endeavor and it’s spurred me into writing another one which I’ll be working on this fall.

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