Transplanting a few things

tatsoi nateI’m now getting ready to plant these 2 squares-one with tatsoi and another with lettuce-Simpson elite. Tatsoi is a very good tasting Asian green that’s easy to grow in low temperatures. Mixing it with other salad greens adds  great variety. Because of the ease in growing these, I’ve now grown 3 or 4 different varieties of Asian greens. (Does that need to be capitalized? It’s not a city) There’s no use in trying to grow summer things in winter, even if you have a heated greenhouse. You could if you wanted to, but it’s a lot of extra work(and money) for something that might not work anyway. I’m not one to fight the seasons-with the exception of lettuces. I will grow those through the dog-days of the summer heat. It’s more work, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to enjoy the produce and vegetables that I’m buying from even the best produce stores. Simpson elite is a new variety for me-I’ve always grown Simpson, but I think I read that elite does better in warmer weather so I’m giving it a shot. Using my trusted trowel-1 of only 3 tools you’ll ever need in a square foot garden-I’ll just drop each of these potmaker cups into the soil, give it a light water, cover with row cover, and away we go. Four-five weeks away from our first harvest of the season. And I can’t wait.

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