Thinking ahead

sprouting brussel sproutes 62814It’s hard to believe but fall isn’t too far away. Right now is the time to start a few things indoors that you’ll transplant to your garden in 6 weeks. For me, that’s brussel sprouts and leeks. Be sure to look at the maturation dates for leeks-I’ve got 3 varieties that all have harvest dates of 90, 110, and 120 days. I like to start brussel sprouts inside on the last week of June. In 6 weeks they’ll be ready for transplanting and will be a good size. That puts me in the 2nd week of August which is when all the pests begin to go away-in this case aphids. This crop loves the cooler weather and in fact tastes better after a hard freeze. There’s several crops this happens with. When you sprout the seeds first I think you save a lot of time(and seeds)by knowing which seeds will grow. Then you put them in your potmaker cups and you’re off and running. These will sprout in about 3 days. If all seven seeds sprout, I’ll give a few of them away. We only need 1 plant to feed 2 of us but I’ll end up growing 3 or 4 to make sure I’ve got enough for customers. For leeks I’ll do the same thing. My favorite varieties are Bandit and Megaton. At a later date I’ll show you my technique for getting a large part of your leek to be white without all the extra work of hilling.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking ahead

  • by Lisa H.

    What part of the country is your garden in? I’m in east-central PA and started Brussels sprouts and leeks from seed in my bed in May. The Brussels sprouts seem to be doing well, the leeks not so much.

    • by Jim This is post author

      Hi Lisa, I’m in northern Utah-zone 6B. Sounds like the brussel sprouts are doing well so far-but keep an eye out for those pesky aphids! They are the worst! I quit attempting to grow them in the spring because they always had problems. Leeks are a different story. Why are they not doing well? They do require some time to get going. Are they standing upright but still very skinny? If so, you’ll probably be OK.

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