The season is winding down…

We have had our first snow and our first light frost. Right now I am pulling all flowers and cutting back any perennials that I have. This weekend I pulled my ripe tomatoes and covered the rest with plastic so that they can continue to ripen.  This little trick can heat up your boxes by at least 30 degrees, maybe more in the warmer months of the year.  In essence, this is  a micro-greenhouse that I have made for our gardens.  Sure, you can go out and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a fancy greenhouse bought at the store or mail-order catalogs, but it’s not going to work any better than what I have right here.  If you are looking to extend your season on the cheap, this is the way to do it.   I also processed all my basil in preparation to make a lot of pesto for the winter. This upcoming week I will be harvesting beans and pulling my onions to let them dry for a couple of weeks. But, I still have quite a bit of lettuce still left growing. In another 3 or 4 weeks we should be able to harvest most of that, at which time it will be time to put the gardens away for the winter.

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