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Much planted, much to go

After tomorrow I’ll have a lot of newly emptied squares. To date I have a lot of the summer crops in and growing. Tomatoes, cucumbers, summer lettuce varieties, chives, carrots, chard, scallions, potatoes, nasturtium, peppers, basil, and bush beans are all in. In the next day I’ll finish planting all the rest-zucchini, patty pan and [Continue]

TWE first spring delivery

I only grow for 5 customers but this is the first delivery for the 6 week spring season. What’s in there you ask? Radicchio, mizuna, claytonia, cilantro, poc-choi, carrots, swiss chard, and an artisan lettuce mix. The mix has a combination of black seeded simpson, red cross and skyphos lettuce, spinach, and tokyo bekana. The [Continue]

June carrots-delicious

Pulled a head of black seeded simpson lettuce and chard tonight along with some new carrots.  I grow 4 varieties of carrots-one that’s a smaller-sized carrot for early in the season, another that’s the size of these carrots shown in the picture, and then two that are larger, storage type of carrots.  For the early [Continue]