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December carrots

Under protective covers I still have a few squares of carrots left. I should’ve planned on more but didn’t. Tonight we had vegetable lasagna and I was able to use not only winter carrots but also garlic, which is sweeter and milder than what you would expect from the supermarket. Though almost all garden planting [Continue]

Planting your fall square foot garden

I’ve been working pretty hard the last 2 weeks in the last effort to plant for fall and winter.  Today I planted 200 carrot seeds which will take us through the spring. Why that many?  Because that’s the amount our family will use though the winter months.  Certified Square Foot Gardening instructors always stress the [Continue]

Thinking fall in your square foot garden

I say square foot garden but it could be any garden. This is the perfect time to put in your entire fall crop. Everything planted now will be harvested by mid to late October-and you’ll be so glad you attempted to grow during this season. Because it’s been a long summer of pulling weeds, watering, [Continue]