Starting seeds in vermiculite….

I was reading on the SFGF official forum earlier today.  There was a post from someone who was disappointed when they tried to start their seeds early in vermiculite.  The comment was that only 50% of them actually came up.  Well, this is precisely why you want to start in vermiculite.  If you would have started those seeds in flats (or worse yet in the garden) and nothing came up you would’ve felt like you wasted a lot of time-and money.  And maybe even some of those plants that came up in the vermiculite to begin with wouldn’t have come up at all in the garden because of the weather.  But if you would have started them in vermiculite you end up only planting seeds that you know are good-because they have been sprouted in vermiculite.  This is a great trick to do when you have saved seeds from years past.  Over time these seeds lose more and more germination so you don’t really know which seeds are good and which aren’t.  By using vermiculite you only find out which are the good ones.  I’ve highlighted how to do this by pictures in the gallery.  This kind of information is what my “members only” page will consist of.  It’s going to show a lot of “how-to” and a lot of little tips and tricks of a successful square foot garden.  It’s not ready to go yet, but it will be shortly.  Hopefully….

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