It feels like spring…

But it’s not. We still have 50+ days before spring gets here. We always get these periods where you think it’s about time to start planting only to have another big snow storm lurking around the corner. Fortunately, as a square foot gardener you have some advantages-like the ability to grow produce and veggies even if spring is a ways off. When your gardens are limited in size you can protect them a lot better than you could a traditional single row garden. This picture is an example of that. You can barely see that in one corner of this 4X4′ there is short piece of rebar. I have rebar in each corner of the box at a slight angle. Then all you do is put your PVC over the rebar, tie it in the middle and then cover with plastic. The PVC shown is the more flexible variety, but don’t mistakenly buy funny-pipe. This is PVC but its thin and very flexible.  By covering your garden with plastic it will heat up at least 30 degrees.  So, if it’s 20 degrees outside, it’s going to be 50+ degrees under the plastic.  And at that temperature, you can grow all sorts of things.   If I wanted to make this garden box nothing but lettuce I could have 64 heads of different varieties-which I have done in the past. Now is the time to get your seeds ordered and be thinking about when you want to start. Are you wanting an early spring harvest or are you going to wait until it’s “safe” to plant outside after the danger of frost is over? No question about it, if your after an early spring harvest it’s going to be a little more work, but I certainly think it’s worth it. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment while at the same time feed your family with delicious garden produce-not to mention the cost savings. Don’t forget the last 5(out of 10) basics to keep in mind:
6. New boxes-put your boxes right on your existing soil-no need to dig them into the ground anymore
7. New isles-make it comfortable-no need to have them like the original picture of the 1st SFG book
8. New grids-if you don’t have grids, you don’t have a square foot garden-you have “grow boxes”
9. New idea-don’t waste seeds-you only need 2 or 3 seeds in each little hole-save the rest for later
10. New opportunities-tabletop gardens for those not wanting to kneel on the ground. Put a box on saw horses or an old table if you would like to try this. Just remember though-it’s got to be sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight if you are using a 4X4 box. Also keep in mind drainage-a simple thing. We can talk about that next time….

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