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SFG Lite class: This introductory 75 minute class discusses the 10 basics of square foot gardening.  You’ll leave with a small pamphlet reinforcing all the points discussed to get your gardens up and running.  Questions about location, sunlight, standard plant spacing and crop rotation are all addressed.  I’ll take time to give you a crash course on composting so you won’t have to spend another penny on store bought fertilizers, and we’ll spend a considerable amount of time on the special soil you’ll use for your garden.  It’s the most expensive part of the system but it’s very important to know why we use each of these ingredients. Because these classes are held in late summer and early fall we don’t spend any time on the advanced techniques of the SFG system. You don’t need them for this time of the year. But it will give you plenty of time to gather your supplies and other items to have a fantastic fall harvest.

SFG Workshop: The complete course that begins with the basics and then moves on to the advanced techniques. This is the class for those planning extensive food production. It’s conducted as a workshop and is only offered during the spring season. Materials needed for starting seedlings, building a box, mixing the soil, spacing, and making the grid is the first half of class. The remainder of time covers the advanced techniques of vertical gardening, learning how to successfully compost, and summer/winter protection. There is not any class like this offered in the entire state of Utah. Upon completion you won’t be needing to rely on others on how to SFG. You’ll leave with a lot of confidence in having a successful garden where you can feed your families healthy, organic, and delicious food. This is a content packed class. Please bring a pair of gardening gloves. Notepad and taking pictures is recommended. Complimentary items given out at completion.

SFG Fall/Winter Low tunnel class: Learn how to be a four season gardener! The ultimate class in extending the harvest from fall through the winter season. Attendees leave with information on the crops to grow for winter, and the planting dates to get them started. You’ll learn how to anchor your structure firmly to withstand our winter season and the additional material needed for protection. Most important, you’ll leave with the structures necessary to build your own low tunnels. These unique structures will enable you to extend your garden harvest into the fall and then on to winter if that’s your desire. This is a content rich class with enough material to cover another day of learning but I’ve done my best to compress all the information. Notepad is recommended. Camera is also helpful. Class is one hour long.

Composting class: This is a one hour class. You’ll learn alternative structures you can build free of charge to start your own compost operation. You’ll also learn how easy it is to make the perfect homemade compost for your garden needs. You’ll see what finished compost looks like, what materials are used, how much of each material to use, how to speed the process up, and when it’s finished. Done correctly you’ll see how easy and fun it is to make your own compost in as little as 6 weeks. I’ve been doing it for 15 years and the results speak for themselves.

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  • by Lani Twitchell

    I’m interested in both the introductory class at the Park City Library and the workshop. Is the class at the library taught on Aug. 1st or Aug. 8th?

    How can I get information on the low tunnel/winter workshop? I’d like to sign up for that!

    • by Jim This is post author

      August 1: Park City Library-Free: all content is square foot gardening
      August 8: Fall/Winer low tunnel class: 10-12:00 at my home. $40 per person. Bring your electrical conduit and I’ll bend it for you. Just make sure your gardens are no wider than 4 feet and it will be perfect. You’ll learn how to compost, what crops are the best to grow, and when to start them. There’s a little bit on square foot gardening but not much. If you stay with my Facebook page and blog, more detailed information will follow. For the library class, all you’ll need is something to take notes on and/or something to take pictures(iPhone, iPad, etc.). The only thing you need to know if you’re interested in going is to show up at the library! If you want to attend the low tunnel class, all you have to do is let me know so I can keep track of how many people will be here. Hope that helps. Let me know if you’ve got any more questions…thank you

    • by Jim This is post author

      Lani, the Park City Library was closed today because of the Arts Festival. They didn’t inform me of that so this free class will be at the library next week on August 8th from 2-4:00. What I’ll be doing is having my class-because I don’t want to cancel-on the same day from 10-12:00. That still gives me plenty of time to get to Park City for their class. Thought I’d let you know…

  • by Lani Twitchell

    I’m interested in the SFG low tunnel class. The class date you have listed for the Park City Library is Aug. 1, 2015. However the Park City Library has that event listed for Aug. 8, 2015. What is the correct date?

    • by Jim This is post author

      Hi Lani, the two classes are completely different in content and cost. The Park Cit library program is a 75-90 minute class on all the basics of the square foot gardening system. There’s no time dedicated to the more advanced techniques of the SFG system because of the time of year. It’s free, and it’s designed for the participants to go home that very day and put their gardens in for a great fall crop. This is the perfect time. The low tunnel/winter class is at my home and it’s run as a workshop. This touches very briefly on the SFG system and then spends the rest of the time showing you how to construct a low tunnel for late fall or winter gardens. It’s not free, but if you bring the EMT to class I will bend them for you at my home. We talk about things specific to this time of year-composting, what crops do best, and when to plant them. I think it would be good for you to do both. But, it’s a lot of information to digest. You’ll be glad you did come mid or late January.

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