Some questions on starting seeds with the potmaker

arugula sproutingspotmaker step 1potmaker step3kohlrabi transplantI’ve had a few questions on what to do once the seeds sprout on the napkin/plate shown in a previous post. It’s all very easy. You can throw the seeds that haven’t sprouted away. These are seeds that you would’ve normally planted in your garden and ended up wasting a lot of time by trying to get them to grow. Once sprouted on the napkin, it’s safe to plant into cells(potmaker cups for me.) You just poke a hole in the growing medium with a pencil and then place your small, sprouted seed in that hole. You don’t have to plant it very deep and you cover it lightly with soil. Sometimes I’ve just laid a sprouted seed right on the surface of the growing medium without even burying it. Then you lightly water-being careful not to drown it. In 3-4 days you’ll get something that looks like the last picture. These are all shots of kohlrabi-something I’ve never grown before but tasted for the first time a few weeks ago. I loved it.

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