The corn is starting to produce in the square foot gardens

That’s our great daughter who went out to find some corn in the garden.  Things are growing well back there-including the spring treat corn.  I planted 4 seeds per square and we’ve been able to harvest about 12 ears of corn over the course of a few days.  This works out perfectly because I planted a row of 4 squares about every 5th day so we get things that come in smaller, shorter waves.  The corn is good, but I think I’ll go for the sweeter variety next year that produces a bigger ear of corn.  These ears are only 7-81/2 long.  They taste very good, but we just want bigger.  I’ve had no problems in my corn with bugs or anything else.  There’s tons of bees back there doing their thing, along with their presence on squash plants, sunflowers, and bachelor buttons.  I forgot that bachelor buttons were pollinators so that worked out pretty well.  Tonight we grabbed some ears of corn along with a zucchini(grown in 1 square foot)and 2 carrots.  We steamed the corn and sauteed the carrots and zucchini and was it ever good.  This is summertime-my most favorite time for eating.  All fresh and all just harvested within just a few minutes, and boy can you ever tell.  There have been no pole beans yet but those should be coming up very shortly.  This square foot garden stuff-it’s just the best.

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2 thoughts on “The corn is starting to produce in the square foot gardens

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      Thank you very much-I do provide services for teaching large groups of people. You can find them under “Services” on my webpage. I’ve done several neighborhoods the past couple of years. Seems there’s a lot of interest in growing their own and saving money. If you’ve got over 30 people we can talk about a price break. Thanks….

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