Salad in a glass

salad in a glassAnybody ever seen one of these before? We’ve had it for a few years because our daughter refused to eat the garbage being served in high school. She wanted something fresh and nutritious. She came home one day with one of these gadgets. It’s a plastic glass that holds the salad greens and then the dressing is stored in the top of the cap. I was on my way to one of my SFG classes last week and didn’t want to stop anywhere for fast food. I went and found this and put it to use. All I needed to do now was go out into my square foot garden, pick some tasty salad greens and head off. I snipped some mizuna, spinach, some tatsoi, arugula, and 1 radish. I cleaned it all off, cut it up and put it all in this nifty little cup. I filled the top of the cap with poppy seed dressing, topped the whole thing off with a small amount of mozzarella cheese and croutons, and off I went. About 30 minutes up the street I pushed the top cap which releases all the dressing into the container, shook it a bit, and then went to eating. Clean, healthy, fresh, and some of the best tasting salad greens you’ll ever have-right at your fingertips. Who cares if I was eating it while driving?

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2 thoughts on “Salad in a glass

  • by Will

    Wow, that’s an awesome gadget there. Looks like something that would make a great gift as well. I’ve been wondering…how are those carrots doing you started on paper towels? I’m planning on planting some square with a few different varieties this weekend but was curious about the results thus far of the carrots you sprouted before putting them in some soil.

    • by Jim This is post author

      Hey Will, the carrots are growing very well. I’ll post a picture one of these days. There’s 50 growing in 2 square feet. Pretty good stuff..and they will be those candy carrots that nobody sells or grows….Jim

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