Planting sugar snap peas in your SFG….

From the previous picture you can see that I have repositioned the vertical grow tower.  Now I can cover everything perfectly.  But since sugar snaps are a cold weather crop I won’t need to cover them-unless we get a lot of snow.  In past years I have planted these only to have them sit under 6-8 inches of snow for an extended length of time.  Even though they’re a cold crop, if they’re exposed to this much water for this long without any sun or the chance to dry out, they will end up rotting in the ground.  These seeds have been soaked in water for 20 minutes.  You can also see that I only put 2 seeds per hole.  This is a new variety that I’m trying from Johnny’s.  I liked the other variety that we’ve always grown but when I read that this was more prolific and sweeter I had to go with it.  Let’s see how long these take to come up and let’s see how much we get.  Today I’m starting my 2012 SFG diary.  Us square foot gardeners aren’t used to keeping charts because it’s such a simpe method of gardening without all the fan-fare.  I will be logging everything I do in the garden and keeping track of the yields.  Along with these sugar snaps I also planted 16 heads of lettuce in my 1X4′ box.  We should have another great year in the garden.  By the way-has anyone seen the price of loose-leaf lettuce lately?…..

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