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Group TWE package I:  90 minutes-$25 per person.  There is a 10 person minimum for this service.  I’ve done this in my backyard, other peoples backyard, living rooms, churches, places of business, community gardens, etc.  This is an introductory class on square foot gardening.  You’ll know all the basics of getting your gardens up and running within an hour of coming home.  This service is not available in the months of July and August.  Offered in the state of Utah only.SFG side shot

Group TWE package II:  5 hours-$750 flat fee.  Large groups of twenty people or more-no maximum limit.  This is a 2-1/2 hour SFG introductory class with vertical gardening, unique spacings, and protection, coupled with an hour and a half workshop.  I’ll come to your location with this package.  I bring all supplies and needed equipment.  Offered for the state of Utah, southern Idaho, and Southern California.

TWE Organic produce:  6 week intervals-$125 per spring/summer/fall season:  If you’re interested in just harvested, fresh, delicious organic produce, this is for you.  I grow in excess of 20 different things throughout the course of the growing season and this is delivered to you weekly.  Your payment of $60 is due on the first delivery and the balance($65) is due on the last delivery.  I only have enough room to grow for 5 people-and right now there is a short waiting list.  If you’re interested please contact me.  The only time I’ve lost a customer is if they move or they learn how to garden themselves.  Only offered to residents of Salt Lake City.TWE basket

TWE Winter Organic produce: 2 weeks only-$50.  This is a new service being made available beginning December 2013/January 2014.  This will be uniquely different than the summer baskets.  But you’ll have the best tasting, just harvested winter salads that you could ever imagine.  I’ll be growing 6-8 different, cold weather and tasty crops.  These will be delivered to your location.  Currently there is a short waiting list. Contact me if you’re interested in the different crops that I’ll be growing.  Available to residents of Draper only.

Emergency preparedness package: 2 hours-$200 flat fee.  No size limitations.  I’ll come to your city or town and teach you the basics of square foot gardening along with a portion of the advanced techniques to extend your growing season in case of emergencies.  Offered in the state of Utah only.
sun after snow

TWE consultative services: 1 hour-$40.  I’ll come to your location.  Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Tooele, counties only.

TWE Walk-through:  60 minutes-$40.  I’ll answer questions you may have as we walk through my gardens.  You’ll see what things are supposed to look like and how things are done.  This is a great visual but it’s not a hands-on workshop.  I’ll even give you a short course on composting which is an extension of the SFG introductory class.  You’ll see how to mix, mash, moisten, and turn compost to produce a superior product.  You’ll even see what finished compost looks, feels, and smells like.  I’ll share with you the organic homemade solutions I use to control pests.  I can take up to a maximum of 5 people.  If you’re here with 5 individuals, it’s $8 per person.  If you’re here with just 2 people, it’s $20 dollars each.  If you’re by yourself, it’s $40.  Advanced notification needed.
sfg vertical

Skype sessions on square foot gardening: $40 for one hour. This is the bare basics of the SFG system with a further discussion on composting and spacing.

How to build a home-based SFG business:  Available in late fall of 2015/early 2016

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  • by Wendie Sanders

    Would you ever consider recording a live session from one of your workshops and selling the recording? I’m also outside of Utah but would love a good “hands on” learning session – only from afar. Thanks! Wendie

    • by Jim This is post author

      Hi Wendie…I actually have one right now but haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it. I think you’d like it. However, it’s not the “lite” class-it’s the full blown workshop that’s 3 hours long. Stay tuned. I’m trying to get it up and running in the next couple of weeks….thanks for coming by…Jim

      • by Wendie Sanders

        I would totally be interested. I’m not a newbie to SF gardening, but not an expert by any means. I’m looking to be a little more disciplined and purposeful. I’ve always started too late and didn’t spend enough time developing a compost system or even maximizing the boxes for more months out of the year. The 3 hour class would likely be perfect. I’ll look forward to hearing about. Also, just so you know, I recommended your site at a ward gardening event tonight. Hopefully you get some new visitors. The expert that spoke tonight was really interesting, but I think many felt overwhelmed with her more complicated methods.

        • by Jim This is post author

          Thank you Wendie-you know, I’ve probably done 100 classes at wards over the years. It’s been a lot of fun. I know what you mean about folks being overwhelmed with information when it comes to gardening. We home gardeners try to implement all the old farming practices which really doesn’t work very well. That’s why people hate gardening by about July 1st. That’s the greatest thing about SFG. You don’t have to know the first thing about gardening to be successful. In time, you end up learning a whole lot about it, but it’s so simple that anyone can do it. There’s nothing complicated in the SFG system. Matter of fact, all the experts and county ag agents all say that gardening in the SFG system “can’t be that easy.” Oh yes it can, and I’m living proof. I do all sorts of things that I don’t believe you’ll see anywhere else. I’m always working on new things that even Mel says he will implement someday. Some he already has. Some of them I mention on my blog, some I don’t. I just wish that people would learn the art of gardening again. It’s a great hobby, it gets you outside, and working the soil is…what’s the word?….therapeutic. And you get tomatoes out of it! When you get to taste the quality of food that some of these crops produce you don’t even want to buy them at the grocery store anymore. It can save a ton of money in the end. I know an awful lot of people who spend a huge amount of money on food storage. Not only is it extremely expensive, you’ve got to have a large room to store all of it. For $50, you can buy enough seeds to keep you in food for years and it only takes up 1 square foot or area to store. That takes off a lot of pressure on some of these you married couples who feel compelled to buy their food storage. I’m a believer in the idea, but why not make it easier and less stressful?….Jim

  • by Elena

    I just e-mailed you a question and then realized that YOU are the author that wrote “The Wealthy Earth”! I loved the book. In fact, I bought it from the SFG site and wrote a review. Thanks, great book.

    • by Jim This is post author

      Thank you Elana. I’ve received many great comments about my first try at ebooking. I’m doing another one and hoping it will be available soon. Thanks for the review…Jim

  • by Elena

    Jim; I’d be very interested to learn how to build a home based square foot garden business. I would not be able to fly out to your place to attend the class, but I would be willing to “pay” for the written/class outline version of the class. Just became a SFG Certified Instructor myself and believe one can never stop learning. P.S. Great site!

    • by Jim This is post author

      Elana…are you speaking of an outline for the classes I teach or are you asking about how to build a home-based SFG business? If it’s the latter, that’s not done just yet. I do have outlines that I go by when I’m teaching the other classes. I have several which I change around depending on the makeup of the class. The most popular one’s I’ve been doing for the past 3 years are what I label as: SFG “Lite.” The class runs about an hour and a half and it includes a workshop. It’s pretty slick. I’ve also got the full blown 3-hour workshop that’s a lot of fun but also a lot more work.

      • by Elena

        Jim; I’ll just wait with great anticipation on your e-book(?) on how to build a home-based SFG business. I also just signed up to receive your blog. Many thanks!

  • by Iris Green

    You did an awesome job last weekend at your workshop. Thank you again for the time you take to show us how to grow delicious food for pennies. I’ll be putting together the same group of people to do this again in the fall. We’ll look forward to seeing you then. Thanks again.

  • by Bethany Twine

    Hello, I was wondering what you would charge for a session via skype? My fiance and I live in a low-income based apartment and as I am disabled, I cannot work, so he is the one “bringing home the bacon” so to speak. I stay at home and handle the rest. We have a balcony so it is rather difficult to grow a traditional garden and I am looking for ways to cut back on groceries and improve our health. I am wondering how well the square foot garden method will work with containers and whether or not it could be done indoors with a ultraviolet or heat lamp. We live in Ohio which is a fair distance from Utah, which is why I am interested in a skype-based advisory session. Please let me know whether this would be possible and how much you would charge. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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