New spring spinach

This is a look at my newest spring spinach.  It’s about 2 weeks old right now and it’s looking good.  In the SFG fashion you will plant 9 seeds per square.  And that’s exactly what you’ll see in this square.  I’m trying to make a better effort this year at spreading things out a little longer than I usually have in the past.  I think I’m a lot like most of you-when it’s time to start planting you just want to plant everything all at once.  That’s the old single row garden mentality.  One of the keys to square foot gardening is to pace yourself.  If you plant 8 squares of lettuce at once and they all come up, what are you going to do with 32 heads of lettuce?  Now I’ll start to plant just a couple of squares at a time and separate my plantings by about 5 days.  Once again this is Space-our favorite variety from Johnny’s select seeds.  It’s very easy to grow, comes up quickly, and tastes good.  I also bought a new variety from Johnny’s this year that I’ve never tried before.  It’s call Tyee and it’s a variety of spinach that you can grow in the summer.  This will probably take the place of our New Zealand spinach which we normally grow in the summertime.  That’s OK by me-I think New Zealand is hard to grow and doesn’t taste that great.  It’s also not even a member of the spinach family but of the mustard family.  As I looked around the garden today I noticed that my sugar snaps have just started to break ground.  We’ve had some snow and cold weather so I’ve been covering up my beds.  Maybe I should have left the sugar snaps uncovered as they do well in cold.  But I’m sure it will all turn out well in the end.  None of the neighbors are able to start any gardens yet because their soil is too wet.  I will be planted for about a month before they get to theirs.  By the way-if you look very closely at this picture you can see a lady bug in the lower left hand section of the square(around 7 o’clock)….things are starting to look good…

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