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starting to get a lot of visitors. I finally broke the 1,000 visitors per month in January which is big news for me. I haven’t figured out all the tricks on SEO’s and all of that stuff yet to drive traffic to my site and I’ll probably never will figure it out. I’m in the age bracket where all this html and css stuff is very difficult to pick up and learn. Hopefully it’s been helpful to those who have visited. I’m sure getting a lot more visitors than I am comments, and I don’t know what to think about that. So, please post comments if your so inclined. Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, suggestions, etc. However, the big news is this-I sent a copy of my ebook to Mel Bartholomew. He liked it so much that he is selling it on his website-the official SFGF site. He also asked me if I would like to write a book with him. What would you say if he asked you that? So, stay tuned on that one. I’ll be meeting with him later in the month to talk about all sorts of fun things. I ordered some seeds today from Johnny’s. Its going to be a great year, and it’s one that will start a little earlier than usual. I have a reason for doing this that I will talk about later in the year. I do want to get those sugar snap beans in the garden as soon as possible so I will be putting my plastic covers on in another week to start heating up the soil. I’m going to be posting more often as time gets closer and as the season is upon us. My goal with this posted picture wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I wanted to show an example of square foot gardening efficiency. As you look at the sugar snap peas, you will notice that they are right in the middle of the squares. To increase the production of these 4 squares what I should have done was this: grow the sugar snaps closer to the back of the garden. Then you will have room to grow 2 heads of lettuce right in front of each square. Or, you could grown carrots, onions, etc.-whatever you like. Now instead of harvesting all those sugar snaps out of 4 little squares, you also would be able to harvest 8 heads of lettuce. I’m pretty sure I have a picture of this very thing in my gallery. You can do all sorts of tricks like this to maximize your space in a square foot garden. If you can build a garden box, fill it with Mel’s mix, and then add a grid, you too can have a garden that gives you a lot of satisfaction…not to mention the good eats it provides….

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4 thoughts on “My square foot gardening blog is…..

  • by John D. Wheeler

    There are all kinds of tricks for SEO optimization, some legitimate, most not. The search engines are doing their best to defeat the illegitimate ones. The legitimate ones:
    1. Post original content
    2. Update often
    3. Link to other good sites
    4. Have other good sites link to you
    That is pretty much a comprehensive list.
    Getting other good sites to link to you is the trickiest one to do legitimately, but if you can find related sites that allow commenting, and you have something appropriate to add, then putting your website in the designated box does help.

    I wouldn’t worry about the number of people commenting on your web site, most people really shy away from leaving comments on people’s blogs. Heck, look at how few comments are posted on Mel’s blog.

    Kudos on the chance to write a book with Mel, that is so awesome!

    • by Jim This is post author

      John, well I’m getting between 350-450 visitors every day now. I think I’ve made it to the top of the google search list when you type in the wealthy earth. Six months ago you couldn’t find it at all, or not easily anyway. This has happened with no SEO tricks, because I don’t know any! I guess it was just a matter of luck on my part. I haven’t heard from Mel in 2 months. He’s busy writing his next book-SFG to the Rescue-How to feed a hungry world-is what the name was going to be. We’ll see what it ends up being. He’s still in pretty good shape for an 80 year old. I’m still hoping to get a chance to write one with him. We’ve already talked about the title and we have a little bit of content. It should be a fun one. I think it will be best used by certified SFG instructors though. Hope your garden is growing well…I’m delivering 64 heads of great tasting lettuce to the Food Bank tomorrow. And, I don’t even have to clean them off! But I will give them an initial rinse and cut off the bottoms to make it a little easier.

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