My late November garden

TWE 110813 south viewThe weather has really changed this week.  Today it was 28 when I woke up with temperatures around that for the rest of the week.  Winter is arriving quickly.  My greenhouse plastic has finally arrived and it’s now up.  I’ve had a lot of success growing all winter in northern Utah for years with my basic setup as shown.  I just thought I would put up a greenhouse so that I can garden and harvest without getting snowed or rained upon.  I definitely did it for less than $100.  There is no heat involved-other than the sun-but it doesn’t matter with the crops I’m growing as they all love this cold weather.  Plants have certainly slowed in their normal growing pattern, but now it’s time for the winter harvest.  There’s no work out there to do at this time.  No watering needed, and no pest problems to speak of.  Hopefully we’ll get another snow so that I can post a picture of the greenhouse and what’s growing underneath it.  Fun stuff.

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