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sprouted carrotscarrot boxI’m having so much fun this year and it’s just beginning. I hope you’re not getting tired of these pictures of sprouting seeds because it’s been a great experiment for me. This is what I’ve got going. I only have 148 square feet in our yard. I grow veggies and produce for 5 people that lasts almost the entire year. You’ve got to plan it out, but it’s got to be a lot easier using a SFG than it might be for a single row garden/farmer. The process of sprouting truly means you have no thinning at all because you’re planting only those seeds that you know will continue to grow-those that have sprouted. Well, I just realized that I’m a little behind for my carrots to come out at the right time. I’ve got several squares planted outside in the gardens right now, but none have broken ground. I’ve got to get going! With our weather it’s usually about 3 weeks or so before carrots break ground in these temperatures. I got to thinking-could I speed it up a bit?  Can you sprout carrot seeds?  These sprouted in 3 days instead of 3 weeks, so I think I successfully shaved off 2+ weeks of time. I then had some leftover wood that I hastily put together for my carrot box. These will be grown in my garage starting tonight and they will pass up what’s planted in the garden. Nifty little trick. This particular variety is Mokum-an absolutely delicious carrot from Johnny’s that’s short and early.

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