Mizuna in the square foot garden

mizunaHere’s a little something for you-an Asian green called mizuna. If you’ve never grown it in a SFG-and I don’t know anybody that has around my neck of the woods, it’s a wonderfully lemon tasting green to add with all your other salad greens. You’ll taste something different but won’t be able to put your finger on it. I planted this successfully, from seed, in the coldest winter we’ve had in over 5 decades. We’ve actually been picking at it a little bit already. Based on how’s it’s grown I think the best spacing would be what you see here-9 per square. These will get larger so I think the 16 plants per square would be too close. I just can’t believe it’s grown this well-proving the point that if you plant the right kind of crops and match it to the right season you can probably grow all year long. Here in zone 6 that takes a little extra work, but I can tell you, it’s well worth it. Nothing like going out to the garden, uncovering a layer, and snipping off some freshly harvested salad greens. We’ve had some remarkable salads almost all winter long.

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