Memories of summer…

I am still getting used to this whole blog thing. I read this past week that if you want to be a serious blogger that generates a lot of traffic, you have to be blogging 2 or 3 times a day! I don’t ever think I will get to that point. As it is, I am having a hard time trying to get everything on this site up and running. Bear with me…it might take a little time. I’m new to WordPress so things have been a little slow. I thought that I might put up these two pictures to remind me of summer. We had our 3rd snowfall of the season last night and my garden is pretty much done for the year. I do have a small box still going which I wanted to empty and prep for next spring, but I never got around to it. The first picture is one of a san marzano tomato. I think its the best paste tomato around. They are bigger than a lot of the varieties of paste tomatoes and they really taste good-especially on summertime margherita pizza-also known as fresh tomato pizza. Our family looks forward to summer so much because we know its pizza time. More on this later…..the next picture is of Tropicana lettuce. Its a cross between the taste and texture of a cos(romaine)and loose leaf. But, it has grown well for us right through the hot summer, which is another reason why we like it so much. You can see how dense the growth is-this is one of the reasons why I love the SFG method. There is not much of a chance that a weed seed will find its way into that square. In addition to the regular Ranch dressing in our refrigerator, we will usually have a homemade Caesars dressing and a balsamic vinaigrette waiting for us to use at any time of the spring, summer, or fall. It doesn’t take us long to put together a great tasting salad for the family with all that produce out there….

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