Making herbs last in the snow

During the holiday season I end up using a lot of herbs for gravies, rubs, etc. One of my favorite herbs for that is rosemary. You can see that we’ve had a bit of bad weather. I don’t feel like going out to the garden and covering all the boxes with plastic for protection. So I’ve done what you can see in the picture-I’ve just inverted a regular container directly over the rosemary plant. Sure it’s still pretty cold out, but the plastic keeps the hard wind off the plants which can really be the difference between the plant living and dying. This particular rosemary plant is 2 years old. When the sun comes out I make sure to take the cover off to give it some much needed light. It is true that if your weather is harsh-too much snow, extended periods of cold temperatures, and not much sun-these will not survive. But this gives the plant a fighting chance. This little technique won’t work for things such as basil because those herbs die off at the first frost. But your more hardy herbs can make it through with just a little extra help from you and Mother Nature. I love growing herbs in my gardens and try to make them last as long as I can. My good friend-RDG-grows and preserves sage. I haven’t grown that before but I think I’ll try it next year. It’s a great herb for the holidays. He’s got some great information about how to do it as you can read here. There’s really nothing like being able to go out to your gardens and pull some fresh herbs. Sure you can buy them at the market, but even the best stores can’t compete with them pulled fresh from your gardens. Not to mention the astronomical price they ask you to pay.

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