Let the love grow…

with your square foot garden.  We received a potted plant of this romaine lettuce from our good friend Ann Bowen.  The event was a wedding shower.  What I should have done was take a picture of how nicely this was put together in a small pot.  At this time of year people are giving away all sorts of things.  Wedding showers, Mother’s day, baby showers, etc.  If you’re lucky enough to get flowers, herbs ,or in this case romaine, don’t just set it on the counter top or windowsill.  Water it well and then place them in your square foot garden.  You’ll be the recipient of that small gift all summer and fall.  As you go out to harvest throughout the growing season, your mind will be taken back to great memories of whatever event was responsible for this gift.  I can’t think of a better way to keep memories alive with family and friends.  Oh yes, and good luck to Britney and Rich…..

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