leeks 080114In this gardening system you can plant 9 leeks in a square. If you were to grow this in a traditional row garden it would take up 3 feet. So many advantages with the SFG method. These are Lexton leeks and the white stems will be about 8″ tall-all done without the “hill” technique. More to come on this later. I was very bummed this week as I was hit by the squash vine borer. It was the first time I’ve ever had it, and I know why. I broke all the rules. When they say don’t plant squashes(and tomatoes and potatoes)in the same place in back-to-back years, they know what they’re talking about. That’s what did it for me and now I just hope I can get some butternut squash out of my gardens by the time the first frost hits. I sprouted a couple of seeds immediately and got them in the garden. I don’t think there is enough warm weather and daylight for me to successfully pull it off. Oh well, lesson learned. But I do have all kinds of things coming up now that are just outrageously delicious.

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