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experiment boxI can’t believe this-it’s been below zero(with windchill factor)for more than a week now. Today was the first day we’ve had that reached a high of 30. It’s been dark and gloomy. This is my experiment box that I’ll talk about at a later date. With it I do all kinds of things that show how easy and efficient it is to have a square foot garden. I’ve got 13(hate that number)radishes growing and 4 heads of lettuce. I’ve peeled back the protection to snap the picture but it’s been covered first with floating row cover, and then plastic. I lightly water it once a week and that seems fine. I’m not completely surprised that it’s growing because I’ve done similar things in the past. But it hasn’t been this cold for this long before. This was planted a little earlier than my regular gardens-which have nothing growing in them that I can see. At least not yet. Maybe that experiment won’t work. But I did receive my new seed packets from Johnny’s and I’m getting very anxious to start planting. In four weeks I’ll begin-President’s Day weekend. I won’t do hardly any work to have my soil ready to plant-one of the beauties of the square foot gardening method. It’ll be in perfect shape by then. The only work I’ll do is to cover my gardens with plastic and let the sun do its magic. In a about 5 days-bingo! If you’re interested in putting in a square foot garden(hope you are), now is the perfect time to start gathering materials-wood, soil components, nylon netting, grid material, and electrical conduit. It’s a one time expense that will serve you well over the years. If you live in Utah and would like a SFG but don’t want to put the whole thing together yourself, my good friend Belinda has a great business that will do it for you. She’s the best.  Her business is called Gardens to Go and you can read all about it here. Spring is getting closer and I can’t wait. I’ve got some terrific new things I’ll be growing for our family and others. Thanks for coming by….

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