In 148 square feet?

TWE-getting it ready for winter3We’ve had 3 or 4 significant frosts already.  I’m getting ready to cover this structure with greenhouse plastic.  I’ll only then be using a weighted floating row cover to put over the crops.  As we head into winter, this is what’s growing in just 148 square feet of garden space: 20 pounds of potatoes, 108 heads of lettuce, 8 arugula plants, 320 carrots, 117 spinach plants, 36 mizuna plants, 45 claytonia plants, 4 minutina, 24 komatsuna, 27 mache, 80 radishes, 36 beets, 48 turnips, 44 Swissl chard, 9 onions, 36 chives, 16 radicchio, 63 leeks, 2 kale plants, 20 poc choi, 2 parsley plants, 1 rosemary plant, 45 tatsoi, 36 kohlrabi, and 4 plants of cilantro.  We’re ready.

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4 thoughts on “In 148 square feet?

    • by Jim This is post author

      As the days get shorter with sunlight, it becomes a lot more difficult to grow. I’d think of it in terms of winter harvesting vs. winter gardening. Once things get to be a certain size and the freezes arrive things slow down significantly. It’s almost like things start to hibernate. But they do grow slowly. This is the time when it’s all harvesting. I planted right through the winter last year and it worked well, but it just took about 3 times longer than I’m used to.

  • by Mark Jervis

    I can’t believe how much you get in such a small area! I’m local-when can I learn how to do this in my yard? I’d like to have a winter garden but if I can’t, I’d like to get ready for spring. One of my neighbors attended one of your workshops and said it was great. She too had a fantastic garden this summer where she saved a lot of money by growing things herself. Thanks for giving some of us hope-that having a garden is really as easy as you say it is without all the hard work.

    • by Jim This is post author

      My calender is on the website. I’ll be doing a class this winter, but then will start up again in earnest next March. It is easy, and it does save you a lot of money if you do it right.

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