I just got my seeds and then…

It does this!  It’s about time to start thinking of planting sugar snap peas.  A little later today I will make my way out to the garden and cover it in preparation for heating up the soil.  The weather is reporting that by Sunday it should be in the low 50’s.  With that, my 2X16′ garden will be ready to plant in about a week.  I’l try to get some good pictures of the apparatus that I use to protect my gardens.  It’s all rather simple and just takes a little bit of time to put it all in.  I have a series of three pictures in gallery 1 that shows what I have done to amend this particular bed.  I do the same with all of my beds but this gives you a visual of how it’s done.  The picture is a 2X4′ bed that has been emptied of its contents, leaves added and then finishing the whole box off with homemade compost.  All those leaves?  When I turn the soil over with a trowel-the only tool you’ll need in a square foot garden-all of them will be gone.  They will be completely decomposed.  The result is a rich, vibrant and healthy soil that you can grow just about anything in.  Because you never walk on your soil and you’ve amended it with compost you no longer have a need for heavy equipment like rototillers, shovels, etc.   That soil is going to plump right up.  It’s so lose, friable and even fragrant that you can almost hear it saying back to you ” please plant me!”  Start thinking of having your own square foot garden this year.  It’s the only way to go.  No weeding, no heavy digging, no hard work, no kidding….

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