How to make money with your square foot gardens

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s fun finding ways to make money with your hobbies.  It’s already something you love to do, so why not get paid for it if you can?  This past week I took an ad out in the local classifieds.  The title was simply “Organic Produce for Sale.”  I mentioned the fact that it’s too late to join a CSA-for the most part that is.  I had so many calls that I simply couldn’t handle them all! There are many people that will gladly pay 25-$30 a week for fresh organic produce and vegetables.  You can even pay that much(or more)at some of the “organic” grocery stores that are very popular these days. If you look at a place that sells great stuff, like Whole Foods, you will notice that many of the items they sell may not even be locally grown.  Their from New Mexico, Texas, California, etc.  And that is OK but you know what that means-its been on a truck for at least 2 days, probably more.  Some of it even comes from Mexico-and you never know about the water supply down there being used to irrigate.  So, I think I’m giving a pretty good deal.  If you’re interested in seeing the ad for ideas, click here.  For $125 I’ve already landed my first customer with more calling.  I only have about 150 square feet back there in my gardens, and I’m still working on feeding our own family through the rest of this gardening season.  So I just have to plan things out.  Since I’m growing the things that I normally would grow anyway, I probably wont need to order any new seeds.  With the things that are already growing in our garden I figured that I only need 22 squares to provide 6 weeks of fresh, organic, and delicious tasting things for one person.  I’ve put together my planting schedule leaving a couple extra squares left over to adjust for mistakes or flops.  I’ve figured out my quantities and the dates I will be delivering to their homes.  I’m out and about during the day anyway so it’s no problem for me to harvest, give a quick rinse, and then a final rinse before I deliver to a location.  Granted, you wouldn’t want to do this with for a lot of people because it would eat up your profits and time-unless you wanted to include that in your price.  Everything will be wrapped in paper towels with the exception of the beans and sugar snaps-they will be in zip lock bags.  My costs will be kept to a bare minimum.  All I need to buy is paper towels and zip-lock bags.  That’s it.  Let’s say I only find one customer(which I have).  I don’t think I will spend $20 in zip-lock bags/paper towels/other things but let’s say I do.  I just made $100 doing what I love to do, and doing what I do in my garden anyway.  Let’s say I get customer number two.  Now I’ve made $200 with virtually no extra effort.  With customer number one, I just paid for all my supplies for next year-and then some.  Pretty easy.  What do you think?

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