Growing delicious lettuce

skyphosYou can buy all the fancy lettuce in the world from some of the best stores(like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.)around and you’ll never be able to find one that tastes like this. Even at these stores the produce-if it’s coming in from out of state(and most of it may be)-is at least a week old. You pull some of this lettuce, give it a good rinse, and serve and you’ll have folks asking “what is this?” Lettuce is so easy to grow unless it’s in hot weather. You can still do it, but it takes a little more work in terms of water and shading. You can also start them inside where it’s cooler and then put them out after 2 or 3 weeks which will save you from the direct seeding method. This is Skyphos lettuce from Johnny’s selected seeds. It’s one of our favorites. Growing this in your gardens will ruin it for you when you have to shop and pay those rip-off prices at the grocery stores. Learn how to do it yourself for pennies. Along the way you’ll learn to expect a much better quality of taste for produce and veggies.

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