Page is under construction. Here you will be able to purchase several different things. Here is what will be available:

90 minute SFG video teaching all the basics of the system with Q and A
Live 3 hours SFG workshop with participants
Growing Lettuce in Warm Weather-my newest eBook
The Wealthy Earth eBook
Specialty seeds available for the fall/winter season: From Johnnys Selected Seeds

I hope to have this up shortly.

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    • by Jim This is post author

      Hi Kris…I’m really trying to get at least a portion of it up and ready. I’ve had to learn all this website stuff by myself and it’s been hard to learn. Keep checking back-it will be up and ready shortly. Are you a certified SFG instructor by chance?

  • by mary.johnson478

    What do you do about snails? I don’t really want to put poison in the Mel’s mix.
    We have been covering up the seedlings with plastic cups and pots at night but they will soon be too big for this. I go out every morning and gather as many snails from the area as I can find.


    • by Jim This is post author

      Mary-there’s a few different things you can do. There’s the old fashioned way-sort of like you’re doing. I wouldn’t cover my things at night, but would come out at night with a flashlight. You’ll see them easily. Then you can either hand pick(not for me)or give them a quick shake of salt. The smallest amount kills them. If you don’t like that than you can snail/slug bait. This is done by putting something like a roof shingle in several places, or you can do the same thing with smaller, flatter pieces of wood. Come out in the morning, lift it up, and kill them all-there will be some there. You can use the old beer in a small cup which also works. Other things you can put out there are an upside down grapefruit or orange. Place them in several areas of the garden. You can then dispose of them the next morning. There’s a product called “Sluggo” with works very well that is organic. Try it. This doesn’t harm all the beneficial things in your soil. Or for a little 1-2 punch, you can use the organic stuff in your beds, and use the real strong snail/slug killer on the outsides of your bed-on the ground. The active ingredient in this is definitely not organic, but it’s the absolute best thing to kill slugs and you don’t have to have it touch your garden soil. I see you are registered for this weeks workshop. Remind me there and I will tell you the best way to eliminate 90% of your snails and slugs. I do spend some time in my ebook discussing this along with several tried and true organic solutions that you make at home…good stuff-good question..see you on Saturday

  • by Theresa Morrisey

    I need to know how many strawberry plants per square to plant. SFG says 4 and I believe you said one……why the discrepency?
    I look forward to your pictures and paying the 2 bucks for more information.

    thank you, already bought your ebook


    • by Jim This is post author

      Theresa…thanks for coming by and visiting, and thank you for buying the ebook. I hope you’ve found it worthwile. I would answer your question on strawberries this way. For the garden variety(no pun intended)strawberries you would plant 4 per square. Im not sure where I would have said one per square. That’s the general rule-4 per. However, one year I bought a variety that said you needed to plant “12 inches” apart, so with that variety, I only put in 1 per square. I should mention that they were not very good so I ended up pulling them out and went back to the normal varieties and planted 4 per square…hope that answers it for you…your going to love the picture gallery(#2)when I get it up and going…..Jim

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