Fun stuff in the garden

tatsoi and eliteWent out earlier this morning, pulled off the floating row cover and looked at my plants after a 12 degree low last night.  I wasn’t sure what kind of damage I would find to my plants but everything looks really good.  That’s tatsoi on the left-a great tasting Asian leaf for salads or even better for stir-fries.  On the right is Simpson Elite-a standard lettuce we enjoy growing because of its taste and simpleness to grow.  After this evening we will have low temperatures in the mid 20’s for the next 10 days.  It looks like spring is on it’s way.  And by the time my friendly neighbors have their gardens dry enough to rototill-which I never have to do-we’ll be well into eating what we’ve been growing.  Lots of fun-the easy way-square foot gardening.

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