Fall planting schedule-what, when, and how?

cross view of covered garden in summerOne of the best ways I’ve seen in figuring out what to grow, when to start it, and what to plant is the crop scheduler from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Besides having the best things on the planet(personal view), they are outstanding at support. Just plug in your average first frost date and you’ll see when you should start, what you should start, and how to do it-either with transplants or direct seeding. You can read all about it here.  You’ll see the planting calendar on the right hand side of the page.  By planting the right crops for the right season you eliminate a lot of headaches-like trying to grow tomatoes in weather that’s too cold.  Or spinach in the summer.  Cold weather and frost isn’t too far away-it’s time to start planning if you want a great fall garden and harvest.  I’ve still got plenty of lettuce(in terribly warm weather)coming on, along with chard, tomatoes, peppers,  zucchini, squashes, carrots, basil, parsely, chives, corn, and beets among other things.  All of these-with the exception of lettuce-love the warm weather.  I’ve had to do some extra work with the lettuce to keep it from tasting bitter(more on that the next post), and going to seed, but it’s easy work.  I’ve got some fall square foot garden classes to teach coming up in the next few weeks in order to help others get ready for the fall season.  I hope you can experience the success and the taste of a fresh brussel sprout pulled right off the stem-along with all the other great fall crops.

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