Cut-and-come again lettuce

re-cut red sails lettuce 51214I have a new ebook coming out soon about lettuce and how to grow it in warm weather. I talk about using several techniques to be successful in doing so. One of those techniques is to use a cut-and-come again or loose leaf lettuce variety. Granted this isn’t the hot part of the season but your lettuce should behave just like this picture. Tomorrow I will be cutting this for the 3rd time. I started it in the winter and it’s still going. So far it’s grown back to this size in 3 weeks. I have many squares of this type of lettuce growing right now in my garden but this will become increasingly important in the next 8 weeks. Just cut it right above the crown of the plant and you’ll harvest it two more times after the initial cut. This is Red Sails-a readily available variety. Keep an eye out for my ebook-it will hopefully get here before the hot weather. It will be available on Amazon, my blog, and possibly the Square Foot Gardening Foundation as well.

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