Composting through winter


winter compostI probably should’ve put this post in before winter started. I live in zone 6 and we’ve had a hard winter. Lots of snow, cold, below zero temperatures, little sun, etc. Throughout the winter I continually add kitchen scraps to my compost bins . One of the tricks to having compost early in a zone such as ours is to not water your compost at the end of the last season. When you do that and have the kind of winter that we’ve had, your compost pile will be frozen solid. It’ll eventually melt, but it’ll take a lot longer to be able to work the pile. By not watering-in your compost additions the previous fall, your pile won’t be frozen and it’ll look like this. Totally workable. You can still chop things up and mix things around. It won’t be doing any true composting during this time but the minute the weather start to change and you start getting sun and warmer temps, your compost can start to be worked. If you had dumped water on it last year you wouldn’t be able to do that for several more weeks. Just a little trick that I do so that I can some finished compost a little earlier.

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