Look at this square foot garden….

While I was looking for a new camera card at Costco today I came across this little nifty item. When you read that Mel Bartholomew is the father of raised beds this is proof. This unit is composed of 2-4X4′ boxes that have been placed on top of each other for display purposes. It’s made out of some kind of plastic or vinyl and as it shows comes with a slick cover to protect your gardens for early/late gardening. The price? It’s $99. So for this you end up getting 2 boxes. That’s a fantastic deal! It’s made by a company called Lifetime. You know the return policy of Costco-it’s great. Although these are not like the white ones you can buy through the SFG foundation, this does give you a great and very affordable option. I actually like the colors. If I had room in my backyard I would buy them. On the personal garden front, today I planted 4 more squares of lettuce(2 Romaine and 2 Red Cross)along with 4 squares(36 plants) of space spinach. I say plants but they are started from seed. When they grow it will be 36 plants. The soil took me about 5 minutes to turn over with my trowel-1 of only the 3 tools you will need in a square foot garden. It was watered in and then covered. I have some great things that are going to be presented in the “members only” section portion of my site. I have had a lot of questions lately about how I cover my gardens without using the “wagon-cover” method. While I am certain these work fine, they do take a lot of extra work on your part. I will be detailing and showing-with pictures-the method that I use with my gardens. It’s very simple and fairly inexpensive. In time I have discovered an even better way to cover your gardens that’s every bit as effective, but costs even less money….more to come later

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3 thoughts on “Look at this square foot garden….

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  • by Bruce Mullenix

    Jim and SFG’ers everywhere, I purchased two boxes of these and I enjoy it. I have only put together one of the 4X4 squares.I have the other on up but I will put that out on May 15th to plant my tomatoes and other tenders after the average last frost for our zone. I also purchased four 4X4 from Mel’s site at IFA in American fork when they were on sale for 43.95 each. They are wood and I need to protect them prior to putting them out. I probably will put my fall crops in them. I have to use hardware cloth for all my beds, pocket gophers love my yard and I have tried everything to get rid of them. This seems to work well, no mounds in my beds. My peas are going well and this weekend I will I have pictures of my one 4X4 from Costco with the plastic cover, it is great it holds down in the corners with 1″ thick velcro strapped to the plastic holders that are inserted when you put it together. The only thing I don’t like is that the second 4X4 does not have a cover for it. Happy Gardening.

    • by Jim This is post author

      That’s the way to go Bruce! Send pictures! You know how to protect your garden even though it didn’t come with a cover. I did a workshop 2 weeks ago with a person who bough 4 of these gardens, and she found a way to buy extra garden covers. If you’re interested in where she got them, give me a buzz..you know how to find me…see you around..Jim

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