Black beauty zucchini….

zucchini 70414in one square foot. Just put in a green tee-post, place your seeds next to it, water, and it starts to grow. I juse tie it up every 6-8″ and let it go straight up the post. Works every time-the leaves are large and it shades the squares next to it but I’ll use those squares for things like lettuce. This variety of zucchini only gets to be about 5′ tall. I plant one in May and another zucchini plant the first week of July to get me through the fall. If you ever hear/read that it’s impossible to grow this kind of zucchini in 1 square foot you’ll know someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Happy 4th of July everyone…

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10 thoughts on “Black beauty zucchini….

  • by Stephanie

    Your instructions on trellis’ are similar to what my husband did for me, but no rebar. But about tying up that zucchini. Mine is somewhat bigger than yours as started indoors. Do you have any picture of how you tie it up? Mine is next to the corner of the trellis support and I plan to use that instead of a t-post. (so as not to add holes to the steel mesh under the beds) (those moles have squeezed by mesh and come up into 2 of my 5 beds so far this summer)

    • by Jim This is post author

      It’s hard for me to picture what you’re trying to do. I only use t-posts for zucchini, and the vertical towers for everything else. Yours might be bigger than mine now but it will be the same size as yours at some point. I just use 2 pieces of that green velcro every 6-8 inches and it easily holds it up. There are pictures of it on previous post and/or in the photo gallery. You’ve got moles coming from underneath your beds?

  • by Gail

    Thanks for all the wonderful info and for the posts on the gardenweb forum:

    Would you please clarify one thing which I didn’t see the answer to in the gardenweb posts…. how do you tie the multiple stalks of the yellow squash to the single t-post stake you describe using to grow squash and zucs vertically? Do you pull all the stalks together and tie them to the post or would you in fact need a separate post for each stalk? None of the photos show that part of it.

    I see your photo above shows 5 stalks of the zucchini plant, but it doesn’t show how you tie them all around a single t-post. Do you have any older photos where a squash or zuc plant is bigger and you’ve the stalks around the single t-post?

    • by Jim This is post author

      Gail…I don’t grow the yellow squash on tee-posts. I only grown tomatoes and zucchini on green tee posts and that’s it. For all the other vining, vertical things I make a trellis. It’s made just like the SFG book says. Here’s what I do. First, buy 2 pieces of 1/2″ electrical conduit. They are about $2.25 each and are 10′ long. Second, buy 2 rounded edges that will form the top right and left corners. You can see this on all my vertical pictures and will be able to see it. This is the easiest way to do it unless you have a pipe bender. These cost about $2.50 each. Three-buy 4 connectors. These are what you use to connect the corners to the conduit. Four- buy 2 sections of 1/2″ rebar. The ones I buy are 4′ long. Five-buy some nylon netting. This is about $10 and it gives you a piece big enough to make 2 vertical grow towers. Last time I checked they were 15’X 6′ or something like that. Then cut each piece of conduit at the 7′ mark. This will give you 2 pieces of conduit that are 7′ long and 2 pieces that are 3′ long. They can cut it for you at the store or you can buy a conduit cutter that costs about $12. It will last you forever if you do buy one. Cut the rebar with a hacksaw into 2′ lengths. Now take one piece of 7′ conduit and using the connectors, screw in the corners. Put in the 3′ top horizontal bar on top. Then put on the connector for the other side. Finally, screw in the last 7′ piece of conduit. Now your frame is made. You use rebar to anchor this structure in place so it wont ever move. Pound it into the ground for 1′, leaving 1′ above the ground. Slide your vertical frame over the rebar, and then you’re ready to attach the nylon netting. You know, I will be putting up a youtube video on this soon. I just don’t know if it’s soon enough for you. If you look at all my pictures in the photo gallery, you will see things pretty clearly. Hope that’s not too confusing but it might be. When you see it you’ll know how easy it is.

    • by Jim This is post author

      How’s everything Bro. Bruce? Yep, I direct seeded this right in the garden. That’s the only way I’ve ever grown any zucchini or squash. I’m planning on a few fall and winter garden classes soon. And I’m also toying with the idea of a workshop on constructing a hoop house-larger ones. Mine is about 14’X 20′ and I think there may be some interest in doing one. What do you think?

      • by Bruce Mullenix

        I think that the classes would be great. I would come and participate in the one on constructing a hoop house. I have a huge vine growing on the structure you gave me. I will send a picture on Monday. Thanks for all you do, and the inspiration. I am going out right now and sowing some seed.

  • by Karen

    Been trying to do the same with varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers. Do you think this method is good for all vines? Interested in your thoughts on tomatoes, vines, box, growths. Thoughts on Chicago? RB?

    • by Jim This is post author

      Hi Karen…I’d say you’re great with tomatoes on tee-posts, but not so good with cucumbers on the post. As far as Chicago and RB-I love them! Every inch of them! IMYSM……Jim

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