April 14th square foot garden

sfg 041413It’s hard to believe that this was all planted in the coldest part of the year. In just a few short weeks this will all be emptied out and an entirely brand new set of crops will take their place. I’ve really enjoyed-and so has our family-eating some different tasting(and sounding)greens that I’ve never grown before. This upcoming fall, I’ll be able to share specific information about 15 different cold weather crops that I’ve had experience with. Many of these are items that many might not have tasted much less grown, but are easy to plant. Done right, you should be able to harvest right through the winter in zones 3-6 with just a little extra effort. I don’t mind doing the extra work because the quality and taste of the food is so superior compared to store bought during these months. I’ll be able to share how each of these crops fit into the 1, 4, 9, and 16 spacings. This square foot gardening stuff-it sure is a lot of fun-and a whole lot less work.

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4 thoughts on “April 14th square foot garden

  • by Belinda

    Thanks Jim for your post about the grid in the SFG. It truly is all important and the very thing that sets a raised bed apart and makes it an SFG. I’m not sure what kind of vinyl you tried in the past for your grids but I have used vinyl grids for years with great success. None of mine have split or broken. I just lay mine on top as well and the wind never bothers them at all. Some other creative ideas for grids are rubber coated clothes line, plastic strapping strips(comes in all colors for package shipping purposes)yard sticks (perfect for 3×3 box),and even arrows.

    • by Jim This is post author

      Those vinyl grids were right from the foundation. I was pretty discouraged about it because they cost $20 each. No more vinyl for me-only wood lath.

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