Month: June 2013

June carrots-delicious

Pulled a head of black seeded simpson lettuce and chard tonight along with some new carrots.  I grow 4 varieties of carrots-one that’s a smaller-sized carrot for early in the season, another that’s the size of these carrots shown in the picture, and then two that are larger, storage type of carrots.  For the early [Continue]


A brand new item from Johnny’s-this is Salanova. It’s been sold as a great tasting new “mix” that’s available. Given the results from our gardens, I agree. This stuff tastes excellent! Look at that, 4 perfect heads of lettuce-no room for weeds, no pests, just delicious lettuce. It’s made to be mixed in with other [Continue]

Growing delicious lettuce

You can buy all the fancy lettuce in the world from some of the best stores(like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.)around and you’ll never be able to find one that tastes like this. Even at these stores the produce-if it’s coming in from out of state(and most of it may be)-is at least a [Continue]